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How it works ?

  1. Affiliate promote Peggybuy on social platforms
  2. Potential customer clicks on the posts
  3. Customer ordes at Peggybuy
  4. Affiliate receives commissions

Your Benefits

  1. 10% commission on each referred sale
  2. Extra monthly cash bonus by sharing promotions
  3. New monthly profitable activities,updating banners and exclusive coupons
  4. Newsletters when new avtivity and promotions update
  5. 45-day cookie duration

Extra Bonus

  • $200

    Approved Sales over $2000/Month

  • $50

    Approved Sales over 500/Month

  • $20

    Approved Sales over 200/Month

Your Customers Benefits

  • Oevr 30,000 items in stock with
    500 new arrivals every week

  • Affordable parices

  • Global Fast Shipping

  • No questions asked return
    and refund

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