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Add 5 items to the shopping cart in the whole station, and 1 item will be automatically reduced in price

Where are the located and how long is the shipping time?

We are the company from China. The shipping time usually takes 10-18 business days.

Does diamond painting include tools and diamonds?

All diamond paintings are kits including tools and diamonds to help you complete a diamond painting.

What is the difference between full drill and partial drill?

Full Drill: You need to fill the entire canvas with diamonds everywhere.

Partial Drill: Only a partial area of the canvas needs to be completed.

What is the difference between round drill and square drill?

Round: There will be tiny gaps between the diamonds, usually with the canvas pattern filling the space.

Square: Fit more snugly together on the canvas, however will take a bit more precision and time to get just right.

What size canvas should a beginner get?

We recommend that beginners choose a smaller canvas (30 cm / 12 inches) first

Why the package does not have all the products?

Some orders will be divided into multiple packages, please contact us and send the order number, we will confirm it for you

What if I receive a package that is broken and wrong?

Please contact us through facebook message and email as soon as possible, we will replace the correct product for you.

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