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Lattice - 14CT Stamped Cross Stitch - Bead Embroidery


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DIY Beaded Embroidery Kits Phone Chain Stamped 14CT Needlework Set Beaded Cross Stitch Kits Keychain Key Rings
1. A guide graphic composed of different numbers and symbols tells you where to draw the grid and which color of beads should be used.
All you have to do is follow the symbols on the paper.
Learn how to get started.
2. The beads used are brightly colored and durable, making your bead embroidery vivid and lasting.
3. The beaded artwork will bring you a pleasant time and a sense of accomplishment when completing the work.
Your beaded artwork can be used as an ornament, or as a unique, meaningful and irreplaceable gift for your loved one.
4. DIY painting, ingenious, using resin to make lacquer, the unique luster of resin sequins is dazzling, shining in the light, it is currently the most popular DIY decoration.

Name: Bead Embroidery Lanyard
Material: plastic sheet
Size: 13x2cm/5.12x0.79\"
Category: mobile phone lanyard/bag pendant
Suitable for the crowd: general
Occasion: Suitable for gifts, party supplies, wedding travel street photography accessories.

1. Take out the materials and prepare, check the embroidered cloth, choose the color according to your preference, from less to more or from more to less, start embroidering.
(Each grid wears 1 bead, and bead embroidery only needs half a needle to keep the direction of the bead in the same direction. //Or right\\), after embroidering the pattern, leave 1-2 more squares on the edge to cut off the excess part.
Then stitch 2 pieces along the bead edge with 1 strand of fishing thread, one square and one stitch.
2. Align the head, press the buckle and clamp it, and the lanyard will be buckled.
Then the beautiful work is completed.
Hang on the bag/mobile phone, and embroider the lanyard to send to friends, lovers, etc. are all good Choose.
You can also hang keys, U disk and so on.
Bead embroidery method: This bead embroidery is a small grid with 2 strands, half an embroidery needle, and each grid is directly threaded with a bead.
The thread goes up from the upper left corner, and the beads are stringed down from the lower right corner.
Then, in the same part, follow the above Method to wear the second glume beads.

The tilt direction of all beads must be the same.
Regardless of thread embroidery or bead embroidery, the thread and beads are already available and you can choose as you like.
The product does not contain frame.
Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
The color in paper doesn\'t refer to the embroidery thread. Please distinguish the corresponding color of each block and choose the correct one.

Package Content:
1 X Printed Embroidered Cloth
1 X Embroidery Thread
1 X Embroidery Needle
1 Set X Beads
1 X Assembly Buckle
1 X Lanyard
1 X Drawing
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