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French Letter - Paper Craft Cutting Dies


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French Letter Metal Cutting Dies for DIY Scrapbooking Album Paper Cards Decorative Crafts Embossing Stamps Die Cuts Card Make Stencil
1. Use a mold to create incredible shapes from your favorite paper, making your paper completely unique, ideal for precisely cutting photos, or layering to create amazing 3D effects.
2. The high-quality thin metal cutting die is made of carbon steel. Well-made and delicate. Embossing molds, precise cutting, scrapbook borders, making greeting cards, stamps, etc.
3. Exquisite making template: Perfect gift choice, impressive design, add amazing complexity to decorate your paper art project. Very suitable for various occasions as celebrating cards. Perfect die-cut design to decorate your art paper or wedding invitation!
4. The product can be used to make ornaments, with delicate cutting and perfect shape. The cutting die "punches" or cuts shapes from various materials, including paper, card, cardboard, professional paper, etc.
5. Unlimited imagination space for children.

Item: Cutting die / paper card / DIY material
Material: Carbon Steel
H3970  73*37.8mm/2.87*1.49in
H3971  64.4*35.6mm/2.54*1.4in
H3973  54.8*48.1mm/2.16*1.89in
H3974  62.5*36.1mm/2.46*1.42in
H3975  92.3*32.5mm/3.63*1.28in
H3976  83.2*29.5mm/3.28*1.16in
H3978  75.3*50mm/2.96*1.97in
H3979  71.2*48mm/2.8*1.89in
H3980  63.9*41.4mm/2.52*1.63in
H3981  86*45.9mm/3.39*1.81in
H3982  105.1*36.6mm/4.14*1.44in
H3983  100.8*45.9mm/3.97*1.81in
H3984  72.2*33mm/2.84*1.3in
H3985  94.2*33.5mm/3.71*1.32in
H3986  46.2*41.9mm/1.82*1.65in
H3987  54.3*40mm/2.14*1.57in
H3988  68.1*43.2mm/2.68*1.7in
H3989  145.9*20.9mm/5.74*0.82in
H3990  77.2*38.5mm/3.04*1.52in
H3991  67.6*39.7mm/2.66*1.56in
H3992  132.7*37.4mm/5.22*1.47in
H3993  83*29mm/3.27*1.14in
H3994  74*37mm/2.91*1.46in
H3995  40*37mm/1.57*1.46in
H3996  55*53mm/2.17*2.09in
H3997  38*36mm/1.5*1.42in
H3998  72*30.3mm/2.83*1.19in
H3999  44*35.4mm/1.73*1.39in
H4000  85*51.3mm/3.35*2.02in
H4002  60.1*37mm/2.37*1.46in

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow about 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 x Cutting Die

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