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Christmas - Paper Craft Cutting Dies


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1. Use molds to create incredible shapes from your favorite paper to make the design of the paper completely unique, perfect for cutting photos precisely or layering to create amazing 3D effects.
2. Thin metal cutting die is made of 100% carbon steel. Excellent workmanship. Embossing molds, precise cutting, scrapbook borders, greeting cards, stamps, etc.
3. Exquisite templates for making. The perfect gift choice for an impressive design that adds awe-inspiring complexity to your paper art projects. Cards that are perfect for any occasion. You will have the perfect die-cutting design to decorate your paper masterpiece or wedding invitation!
4. The product can be used to make ornaments with exquisite cutting and perfect shape. Cutting molds "punch" or cutting shapes from a variety of materials, including paper, cardboards, professional paper, etc.
5. Unlimited imagination space, suitable for cultivating children.

Material: carbon steel
H1301: 82*65mm / 3.2*2.6in
H1302: 62*88mm / 2.4*3.5in
H1304: 53*61mm / 2.1*2.4in
H1305: 70*76mm / 2.8*3.0in
H1306: 63*59mm / 2.5*2.3in
H1307: 68*81mm / 2.7*3.2in
H1308: 133*68mm / 5.2*2.7in
H1309: 69*87mm / 2.7*3.4in
H1310: 60*97mm / 2.4*3.8in
H1311: 59*95mm / 2.3*3.7in
H1312: 57*92mm / 2.2*3.6in
H1331: 70*55mm / 2.8*2.2in
H1333: 37*46mm / 1.5*1.8in
H1334: 50*70mm / 2.0*2.8in
H1335: 61*73mm / 2.4*2.9in
H1337: 47*49mm / 1.9*1.93in
H1345: 69*79mm / 2.7*3.1in
H1347: 36*54mm / 1.4*2.1in, 40*61mm / 1.6*2.4in, 44*73mm / 1.7*2.9in
H1349: 41*55mm / 1.6*2.2in, 46*60mm / 1.8*2.4in, 50*66mm / 2.0*2.6in

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 X Cutting Die

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