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What Is Paint By Numbers? | Paint By Numbers Ultimate Guide
07.23.2022 | Peggybuy | Blogs


Paint by numbers is simply about following the coded picture by painting which is divided into various shapes and areas each marked with a specific number which matches with a specific color engraved on individual paint pods. As you will follow the pattern by painting the outlined parts you will watch your painting come to reveal a marvellous master piece fabricated especially by your crafty fingers!

Paint By Numbers Ultimate Guide



Traditional painting has been around for centuries, something we all want to do but many have failed. Traditional painting not only requires a lot of patience, but also requires some knowledge about painting itself. However, paint by numbers is a simple, easy to use art form that has been loved by people all over the world.

Paint by numbers helps us explore the artist within us by bringing out the best in the form of a beautiful art piece. Paint by numbers technique was invented by Dan Robbins and has been around ever since!

While paint by numbers is an easy task to do, there are some things that even professionals need time to understand. This is why we have compiled a list of things that every person indulging in this art form should read.

Before starting on tips and tricks, the how-to is essential for any beginner.


  1. Make sure to be in a well-lit place and keep an amplifying glass available for the littlest zones of the canvas, to make sure the painting is fully done.
  1. Once one area is painted, let each painted area dry fully (which will take around 10-15 minutes, contingent upon thickness of use) before proceeding onto the following one.
  1. Make sure to wash your brush fully before moving to an alternate shading. For Plaid units, warm water and mellow cleanser work best. (Washing the brush will ensure no particles of the previous color seeping in)
  1. Utilize enough paint to cover the numbers, but make sure it is not too much so the paint does not run into different regions.
  1. With each shading, start in the image working out and around so as not to miss a spot.
  1. Avoid any smudges by beginning at the head of the canvas so that the drying paint remains above your hand.
  1. Close the paint pots when not being used to keep them from drying out, or spilling. 
  1. You should seal your finished Paint by Number with a light layer of clear acrylic sealer; this gives it an extra shine.
  1. Be patient and take as much time as necessary!

Moreover, remember, art takes time!

Paint By Numbers Guide


  • Start from smaller portions.

Everyone who has ever painted knows the importance of shading. This is especially very important when it comes to beginners, if you start with bigger portions of the canvas, it will end up being difficult to shade.

Starting from smaller portions also makes sure there is no smudging done. Bigger areas are always harder to begin with because they require a lot of time and attention!

  • Follow a color gradient!

Almost every painting has a color gradient, for example, a painting of a sunrise will have oranges and yellows. Following the right color gradient from the start works best for the painting and for the artist as well. You get to see the painting unravel in front of your eyes and nothing can defeat that feeling!

Using similar coloring first always works best due to the paintbrush as well. Similar colors in one gradient can help avoid any smudges.

  • Hiding the numbers

It is important to remember, the numbers are there to help you. However, they are not part of the painting itself. The numbers peeking in through the paint coating can ruin a beautiful art piece.

Paint By Numbers Guide

Make sure the paint coating you use is thick enough to hide the numbers but not too thick, as the thickness of the paint can make the painting look uneven.

  • Brushes and their importance!

Our paint by number kits come with brushes, however, while painting with different colors – it is important to clean the brush before each stroke.

Paint By Numbers Guide

Not cleaning the paintbrushes can lead to paint seeping into different regions of the column; this can give it a messy look that we do not want!

  • Before and After!

While the painting is exquisite after it is done, it is important to note the progress. We highly recommend taking a before and after picture of the painting.

Once your art piece is done, it feels nice to see the progress that YOU made and the effort you put into the painting itself.

Paint By Numbers Guide

  • Deciding on the kit.

The kit is just as important as anything else is, the kit includes everything that you would need to start the painting itself. While deciding on the kit, make sure to check the painting, the paints, brushes and the price. You do not want to spend more than the average on paints that you will not like! Click Here to order the following astonishing picture painting.

40x50cm - Paint By Numbers Night Scene

  • Ironing the canvas.

This is an important tip, ironing your canvas can get rid of any unwanted creases or wrinkles that might get in the way of your beautiful art piece.

  • Paint safekeeping.

Paints dry up quite easily if not kept properly. Make sure you put the lid on when the paint is not in use to avoid drying up the paint. However, if the paint has dried up, add two drops of warm water to get the texture of the paint back!

  • Hack!

In case, you get wrong paint in the wrong area. Use a nail polish remover to get the paint out from the edges to give a finished look. We recommend using a toothpick to make sure it is as intricate as the rest of the work.


  • Finding a well-lit room.

While this may not feel like an important thing to do – it is. Being comfortable while painting is one of the key features of being a good painter. If you paint in the dark, the chances of wrong coloring are very high.

A well-lit room will not only ensure the right shading, but also ensure that the painting you do is coming off exactly as you want it to.

  • Not being ruled by a clock.

Painting takes time. Even though paint by numbers is extremely easy and comes with easy to follow instructions, it is always important to remember that everyone has a different pace.

Paint By Numbers Guide

Rushing the process can only end in creating something that you do not like, it is important to take your time while painting. In addition, spreading out the painting process to a week means a full week of calm, which is why we recommend doing it at your own pace.

  • Kit safety!

This includes the place you will do your painting on, making sure there are no liquids around to ruin the painting. It is also important to keep your paintbrushes and canvas out of the way of any spillage even after the painting is done!

Remember to have fun with it. It might seem like a lengthy process but having fun is the key element in all of this!


Normal exercise and good dieting are realized approaches to age effectively, yet additionally having an innovative side interest, such as painting, keeps your brain solid and may improve your general personal satisfaction. However, not everyone can indulge in traditional painting, which is why paint by numbers is an extremely feasible activity to do!

Here are some benefits that paint by number adds to your life:

  • Stress Relief.

Paint by numbers is a great way to stop thinking about your everyday life. It also helps with anxiety; many people have talked about how it helped them with their anxieties of everyday life.

Paint By Numbers Guide

  • Increases Focus.

Keeping the numbers and colors coordinated may seem like a simple task but for people who are in a rush to do things, it can be difficult. This is why paint by numbers is amazing for people who want to increase their focus on things.

  • Enhances creativity.

The creative brain cell is in every brain; however, many people find it difficult to bring it out. Paint by numbers enhances creativity and might spark up that creative nerve in your brain!

Paint By Numbers Guide

  • Sharpens motor skills.

Coordinating numbers and colors always, helps in sharpening brain activities – Paint by numbers sharpens motor skills and helps you get ahead of the curve!


Paint by numbers is an incredible apparatus for anybody figuring out how to paint or contemplating art overall, and it is the initial move towards making your own art piece. For professional painters, investing some energy every day on one of these packs can lessen feelings of anxiety, give you something fulfilling and compensating to do, and offer a significant increase in self-assurance.


Paint By Numbers Guide

Today, there are online sites of paint by numbers and numerous popular instructional exercises and site devoted to this new art form. The computerized age has indeed changed the scene for paint by numbers and other fine arts, and it is getting another flood of popularity with the more youthful ages.


  • What is included in our paint by numbers kit?

Each kit contains a High quality canvas with light lines and numbers imprinted on it, comparing set of paints, and paintbrushes. A few packs incorporate canvas that is folded over a wood outline. Not all units incorporate this alternative, and a few packs offer the choice to get it with or without the surrounding so read cautiously while choosing your choices.

  • What else would I need to finish my paint by numbers?

The kits include everything you would need to finish your masterpiece. However, a cup of water and paper towels will be needed to keep it clean!

  • Do I need to be an artist to be able to do this?

The best part about paint by numbers is that you do not need to be an artist to create masterpieces. Anyone can create amazing paintings by following the easy instructions mentioned in the kit.

  • How long does one painting take to finish?

Many people get done with their paintings in 23 hours, however, this time is relative. Each person is different. Many people like to indulge in painting and get things quickly, and others might take their sweet time!

  • Which paint is included in the kit?

Water-base acrylic paint.

  • How long does it take the paint to dry?

The paint used is acrylic, which usually takes up to ten to fifteen minutes to dry up. However, the thickness of the paint coating also makes a difference in the time it takes to dry.

  • How do you seal the painting and is it necessary?

Acrylic sealers are used to protect the paintings from dust particles, this is not a necessary step but many people like to use it before displaying their artwork. Sealing is done with a clear coat of acrylic paint!

  • How do I start?

The kit includes an instruction manual that is easy to understand!