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How to Make Your Own Diamond Painting Canvas
07.23.2022 | Peggybuy | Blogs

Have you heard about Custom Diamond Painting?

Did you know that you can submit any of your own photo or design to be turned into a diamond painting?

Make your own diamond painting canvas design by submitting your photo or design to be turned into a custom diamond painting kit. Simply find a photo you like on your phone, computer or on the world wide web - the sky's the limit! Your submission will be designed from scratch using proprietary software to create your custom diamond painting canvas.

But hey, don’t just order a custom diamond painting from any website. Choose the one that has a lot of customer reviews and see if their past customers were happy with their order so that you can be sure that you’ll be happy with yours.

Guidelines When Ordering a Custom Diamond Painting

Find a design or a photo that you want to be converted to a diamond painting canvas. It can be a picture of your family, a pet, your favorite artist, or any picture that holds a special meaning to you. A completed and framed diamond painting can be a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion to make your family and friends feel special.


Choosing a photo for best results:


Select a photo with good details. Photos with far away faces, excessive shadows, blurry details will not make a good diamond painting. Choose a photo that has a clear subject in it with good lighting. We explain each concept further in the paragraphs below.


The larger the subject in the photo, the better. This means that the subject in the photo has clearer details. A face in a photo you want to submit should be very clear. Blurry photos may affect the final quality of your diamond painting. Try to use a phone with a good camera. If you don't have one, see if you can borrow one from friends or family.

DIY Photo - Custom Round Drill Diamond Painting

If you’re planning to convert a photo with a lot of faces in it like a group or class picture, you want it converted into a large canvas size. Many people in a group will naturally need to be taken from far away, so the faces may end up being very small and not recognizable.


Choose a photo with the subject getting good lighting. Dark photos will probably turn out to only have black and shades of gray diamond colors. The rendering of shadows in diamond paintings have been a pain point for customers in the past. If in doubt, avoid having lots of shadows!

DIY Photo - Custom Round Drill Diamond Painting

Photos that are overexposed will not turn out good as well, pictures that are too bright may end up with diluted colors and unrecognizable details. This is the same issue with underexposed or photos that are too dark.


If you’re planning to submit someone’s photo and give it as a gift to that person, make sure they like the photo. Does that photo or picture have special meaning to them? You wouldn’t want that person to not like your custom diamond painting of their photo.

Tips on choosing a design when you don't already have the picture:

1) You can go online to find a suitable picture. Your imagination is the limit! Search for any design that you want, whether that is a picture of your favorite fairytale, cartoon, a famous painting, cool graphic design or anything else you can imagine.

You can download the picture that you want to be turned into a custom diamond painting. If you’re not that internet savvy, ask help from someone else or send a message to the diamond painting website store’s customer care service to help you.

2) Here’s a great idea, take stills from your favorite movie or tv series scenes! Wouldn’t it be great to have memorable scenes as diamond paintings hanging on your wall? It will look so cool.

Decorate your walls with diamond paintings from movies that inspire you.

There's no doubt that you'll have a diamond painting project that you just can't wait to finish!

Hang them proudly on your wall and let it be a source of conversation!

audrey hepburn diamond painting kit design

3) Use your camera or smartphone

Nowadays cell phones have great cameras. You can channel your inner photographer and take artistic photos and submit them to be turned into a custom diamond painting. Take pride in having your original and one of a kind design diamond painting.

using a camera to get diamond painting designs

To avoid your photo or design being cropped, select the appropriate size and dimension of your canvas size. If you’re not sure which size you should order, ask help from the customer care service to make sure.

Why choosing the correct size matters

When ordering a custom diamond painting, a canvas set to a larger size will have more precision to your submitted photo or design. In a larger canvas size, small details will be more defined and the overall quality of the picture will be clearer and sharper.

Depending on the picture you submitted, smaller canvas size might cause some definition problems to your custom diamond painting that you won’t be happy with.

Getting the appropriate size may be the difference between finishing a custom diamond painting kit you can be proud of... or ending up with a project you'd be embarrassed to show! If in doubt, try to choose a larger size, especially for pictures with a lot of details. Ask customer service if you're unsure!

Square or Round Diamonds, What is Best For a Custom Diamond Painting

square diamond painting drills

Square diamonds offer more definition of the details since the pieces fit closer together. If choosing a smaller size, this would be suitable. Square drills are also favored by many diamond painting fans for the satisfying way they "click" in to place. However it takes longer to complete and is generally more difficult to get it just right.

round diamond painting drills

Round diamonds are easier to place but they do leave tiny gaps. The gaps are not noticeable from a modest distance. They're more suitable for larger sizes for this reason, plus they're quicker to do. Round drills can also give a dot matrix finish that has its own beauty. Just make sure that your subject in the picture is large and choose a large canvas size for it as well.

Why make your own diamond painting canvas?

1) It's the perfect gift

Wouldn’t you love someone more if they made a diamond painting of your favorite photo? Think of the time and effort they’ve put in to making their portrait a work of art that sparkles.

The recipient will feel warm and fuzzy inside without a doubt. A custom diamond painting is a heartfelt keepsake that the receiver will cherish forever.

Customize Your Own: Photo Diamond Painting

2) It brings precious moments more alive

Sure you can also keep them in a photo, but captured precious moments will be brought more alive in a sparkling diamond painting.

There are a lot of diamond painting hobbyists who have turned their wedding photos, baby pictures, parents pictures, family pictures into diamond paintings that they will hang to their walls for them to see everyday and remind them of the cherished memories.

3) Brings more excitement

A lot of people mostly say that they just can’t wait to finish their custom diamond painting, especially if it’s a cherished photo. They are excited to finish it and show it off to their families and friends. When you show it off, your audience will know just how special it was to you!

Imagine doing a custom diamond painting of your parents’ pictures, you keep it a secret from them while you’re excitedly completing it. Then surprise them with it, there will surely be tears of joy.

4) A great focal point

Custom diamond paintings can be great focal points to any room. Decorate your walls with sparkling custom diamond paintings and let your family and friends gaze at their gorgeous brilliance. We guarantee your art will be a topic of conversation for years to come.

beautiful diamond paintings as focal points to your room

Where to buy the best custom diamond paintings?

When ordering a Custom Diamond Painting, choose the best website store. There are many shops out there that are new to custom made diamond painting. So be sure to order from the best by following these helpful tips when ordering.

Order from a diamond painting website store that has a lot of reviews with happy customers. You can read their experience and you can also see pictures of their finished diamond painting


You should order from a website store with an outstanding customer care service. If you’re someone who’s not that internet savvy or if it’s your first time to order, contact the diamond painting website’s custom care service via email or you can call them and see if they can help you right away.


Free diamond beads replacement. Sometimes you might accidentally lose some diamond beads / drills. A considerate diamond painting website store will send you free diamond replacements at your request as a one time show of goodwill. Just be careful not to lose them again.


Order from a diamond painting website store that guarantees high quality materials. A lot of diamond painting stores sell cheap materials, especially diamond beads. Cheap diamond beads will lose its sparkle or have tiny ugly bumps hanging from the sides.


Love it or your money back, it’s a great guarantee. A reputable diamond painting website store will give you a full refund if you reasonably do not like your custom diamond painting order.


Make sure your personal and credit card information is secured. Order from a diamond painting website store that guarantees safe check out (industry grade data protection by encryption) and that your personal information, especially your email will not be used by any third party.


Order from a diamond painting website store that really cares and has the expertise in making custom diamond painting orders. They will offer to help you with the needed adjustments like cropping, resizing and other enhancements to your photo or design free of charge.


A great store will appreciate how precious your photos are and treat your custom diamond painting order as if it’s their own. You can feel this from their customer reviews.

Any good diamond painting website store will have their customer care personnel assist you all the way and make sure you’ll be happy with how your custom diamond painting turns out.

You can tell how good a diamond painting website is through its customer care service especially when ordering a custom one. They will be fast to respond and assist you in any aspects of your order and make sure your custom diamond painting will turn out perfect.

Diamond Paintings that Really Tell What You’re All About

So all in all custom diamond paintings can really say what you’re passionate about. They represent your inner character, a most cherished memory, or your feelings for a loved one.

Go beyond any store’s predesigned selection. Make your own diamond painting canvas and enjoy it’s uniqueness and your personal connection with it.

It's never been easier to make one and experience this unique pleasure for yourself. Click below to get started today!